Q & A

ISSUE: Commission on Higher Education (CHED) empower to impose sanction and terminate program or school closure, RA 7722.
ANSWER: Yes, but to private schools but not government schools.

ISSUE: MCC under Dr. Paulus Mariae L. Cañete has no legal personality to operate a local college and lacks the government permit/recognition from CHED.
ANSWER: The subject MCC was created by a Mandaue City Ordinance 324-A and amended by 419.

ISSUE: Dr. Cañete continuously and illegally defying the closure order of CHED date December 3, 2010.
ANSWER: Sometime in December 2010, Dr. Paulus Mariae L. Cañete filed a petition for the nullification of the closure order at CHED Manila. Up to this writing, there was no hearing conducted by CHED. Besides, there are pending cases, like Mandamus at RTC Mandaue City.

ISSUE: Establishing extension campuses for graduate programs in the towns of Isabel, Merida, Villaba and all in the Province of Leyte.
ANSWER: We established extension classes as a form of public service to poor teachers but not extension campuses. MCC does not own even a single building much more constructed one as such.

ISSUE: The degrees offered by MCC are considered spurious and illegal.
ANSWER: It is only the court with finality who can say that the degrees offered are considered spurious and illegal. CHED is not a court.

ISSUE: Graduates of MCC will not be recognized by Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC). They will not be allowed to take any licensure examination.
ANSWER: False. Infact, as per PRC record, MCC got 100% passing in LET for 3 consecutive years. Last year, it ranked number 2 with 50% passing mark in the LET. This year it garnered 62.50 percent in the LET. PRC is not under CHED. It will only stop allowing MCC graduates if there is a court order according to the Regional Director of PRC Region VII.

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