Court Issued Injunction Favoring MCC

Writ of Preliminary Injuction

Last June 29, 2012, Presiding Judge Alexander S. Balut of Regional Trial Court, Branch 76 of Quezon City issued a writ of preliminary injunction against CHED [109] from enforcing their Closure Order dated December 3, 2010. In the Order, the Court found that MCC Main Campus has clear and unmistakable right of its existence having been founded on law through Mandaue City Ordinance No. 10-2005-324A that was enacted on November 7, 2005 and was amended by Mandaue City Ordinance No. 100-2005-419 since there has no final judicial determination whether the issuance of said ordinances as illegal and that the presumption of regularities apply; that there is an evasion of right; and that there is an urgent and paramount necessity for writ since the graduates are depending on it.

Local colleges and universities in the Philippines does not need to have CHED’s permit to operate because they are created by Ordinances that serves as its charter to offer courses.


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